Saturday April 25, 2015


Washington News
Obamas and Bidens Publish 2014 Tax Returns - Washington News Each year President Obama and Vice President Biden publish their tax returns. For 2014 President and Mrs. Obama paid $93,362 in federal tax on total income of $477,383. The tax rate is approximately 19.6% of their income. President and Mrs. Obama...
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Our News
Exciting events are happening at RRPF - Our News Thank you for your interest in Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information.
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Driving Safely with Dementia and Knowing When to Quit
Savvy Living - Driving Safely with Dementia and Knowing When to Quit Is it safe for seniors with dementia to drive? If so, when should they stop? My dad has early-stage Alzheimer's disease but still drives himself around town just fine. Most...
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Personal Planner
Family Limited Partnerships - Personal Planner A family limited partnership (FLP) is usually created by a husband and wife. It has several purposes. An FLP can save estate taxes and permit transfers to family members. While it is uncertain what...
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